Make Better

Lending Decisions

with Olipay

Enrich your applicant's profile with 700+ new variables to make better decisions and offer more competitive financial products
Adriana Paula

Adriana Paula

"Olipay has transformed our lending process. We are able to make decisions faster and more accurately than ever before."



Olipay streamlines the underwriting process,
making lending decisions faster and more
efficient. Spend less time on manual
categorization and more time on lending.



Our AI-powered models improve the accuracy
of lending decisions. Olipay quickly categorizes
bank transactions from Open Banking aggregators
with precision, ensuring that you have all the
information you need to improve collection

Single API Access

to Alternative Data

Olipay’s single API gives you access to
disparate and hard to integrate alternative
data sources, giving you a more comprehensive
view of your applicant's fraud potential,
behavioral profile, credit risk, and even
offering insights on collections.

Lucia Ferreira

Lucia Ferreira

"Our loan approval rate increased by 37% after using Olipay's API."

Make Better Lending Decisions.

"With Olipay, we were able to offer more personalized financial products to our customers." - Addison Perez